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Other Product: Bath Oil Beads

 Bath Oil Beads in Clear Tubes

Oval shaped glycerine gel capsules filled with premium natural oils for use in the tub. Offered in 6 fragrances. Packaged in a 100 or 10 count bag. If purchasing the 100 count bag, use our clear flat poly bags to repackage the beads for resale. Our mini tubes or clear cylinder sampler tubes are a great way to display and resell bath beads. Each mini tube holds approximately 15-16 or these bath beads. Each sampler tube holds six beads.

Each bead is approximately 6/8" in length.


Shipping bath beads to hot climates may cause the oil in the beads to heat up and melt the gel capsule. We are not responsible for any damage that might occur to bath beads while in transit due to extreme heat.

Ingredients: Light mineral oil, gelatin, fragrance, purified water, span 80, polysorbate 80, dl-alpha tocopheryl acetate (Vitamin E) and color.

Peach Bath Beads

Peach Bath Beads- 10 count

Peach Bath Beads- 100 count

Coconut Bath Beads

Coconut Bath Beads- 10 count

Coconut Bath Beads- 100 count

Strawberry Bath Beads

Strawberry Bath Beads- 10 count

Strawberry Bath Beads- 100 count


Honey Almond Bath Beads

Honey Almond Bath Beads- 10 count

Honey Almond Bath Beads- 100 count

Black Raspberry

Blackberry Bath Beads- 10 count

Blackberry Bath Beads- 100 count

Ocean Bath Beads

Ocean Bath Beads- 10 count

Ocean Bath Beads- 100 count

Very Berry Bath Beads

Very Berry Bath Beads- 10 count

Very Berry Bath Beads- 100 count


5" Long Natural Plastic Tube (16mm x 125mm) for Bath Bead Favors

Bath Beads in Clear Cylinder Tubes

Natural polypropylene plastic tubes with colorful caps for displaying colorful bath salts, bath beads, perfumed oils, and shower gel. Tubes have a rounded bottom, top end has a removable, plastic cap.

Although not as clear as Polystyrene, Polypropylene is durable and does not easily scratch. It has somewhat of a frosted to look to it.

Tube holds approximately 0.63 ounces of liquid product or bath salts. Weight of filled tube varies depending on the product used to fill the tube. Ideal for bath sample products or party shower favors. Apply your own clear label as pictured.

Plastic Caps for Sampler Tubes

Price shown includes caps.Mixed color caips: red, lavender, orange, white, blue, green, yellow. Need caps in one color? Email for pricing. A minimum of 250 same color caps required.

Tubes / Assorted Color Caps- 25 count


Using Soap Colors as Soap Paints

Many of our liquid gel colors can be used to paint soap surfaces. Metallic copper was used to paint this soap. more >

Dissolving Soap Paper

Our dissolving soap paper is great for creating these one-use leaf soaps. more >

Alphabet Soap Molds

Mold Market's Alphabet molds. more >

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