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Molds for Soap, Chocolate, Candy and Crafts

Create beautiful, boutique type soaps to sell for profit or to give as gifts. Hundreds of designs with a large number of molds suitable for all types of soap making including Cold Process (CP), Hot Process (HP) and Melt and Pour (MP). Ounces indicated are liquid volume only. Actual weight of finished product may vary.

Wash molds in warm soapy water. Avoid placing molds in dishwater or freezer as this can cause molds to become brittle and susceptible to cracking. We cannot accept returns or exchanges on molds. NO EXCEPTIONS.

Mold Market Brand
Mold Market Quality Brand Molds

Production Trays
Production Trays

Loaf Molds
Mold Market Loaf Molds


Mold Market Brand Soap Molds

The Mold Market brand offers an extensive selection of molds. more >

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