Soap Making Instructional Video: Melt & Pour Soap Frosting

Melt & Pour Soap Frosting for Cupcakes

What fun! Soap frosting. This instructional video from Squeaky Clean Productions and gives the basic instructions for making soap frosting. Use to frost soap cupcakes, decorate the top of loaf soaps, or just do your own creative thing. The sprinkles on the top of the cupcakes pictured can be found here.


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Here's what you need:

One pound whipped soap base

1.2 pounds Opaque (white) melt and pour soap

2 Tablespoons vegetable glycerine

Digital Soap Scale

Mixing bowl (aluminum preferred, you don't want plastic as the fragrance will penetrate the plastic and the bowl will no longer be food safe)

Hand-held electric mixer

Decorator Pro frosting dispenser

Glass measuring cup (a 4-cup is best)



Fragrance Oil


Step One

Add 2 tablespoons of liquid vegetable glycerine to mixing bowl.

Soap Frosting: Step One

Step Two

Using digital scale, measure 1 pound of whipped soap base and add to mixing bowl.

Soap Frosting: Step Two Soap Frosting: Step Two B

Step Three

Using digital scale, measure 1.2 pounds of white soap base. Cut the soap base into cubes and place in glass measuring cup.

Soap Frosting: Step Three

Step Four

Place measuring cup with soap in microwave and heat in short bursts until melted.

Soap Frosting: Step Four

Step Five

Pour melted soap base into the mixing bowl. Add 4 teaspoons of desired fragrance oil to mixture (that's about 6 pipette transfers) and any color (optional). If adding color, start with just a few drops. You can always add more if needed. You can use any of our liquid gel colors or DWP colors.

Soap Frosting: Step Six

Step Six

Slowly mix the ingredients together with an electric mixer. Increase speed of mixer once all ingredients are thoroughly incorporated. Continue mixing until mixture is the consistency of cake frosting.

Soap Frosting: Step Six Soap Frosting: Step Six B

Step Seven

Scoop soap frosting into the Decorator Pro. Pick any decorating tip. We used the star. Practice your frosting techniques using different decorating tips. Frost cupcake soaps, decorate the top of loaf soaps, put a few dollops on any of your finished soaps. Make flowers, decorative edges.... be creative!

Soap Frosting: Step Seven Soap Frosting: Step Seven B

Soap Frosting Completed


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